Easily create templates and control text styles

Use the WYSIWYG visual template editor to create templates to control styling of headers, footers, fonts, colors, macros, tables of contents, and more – while previewing the PDF output in real time in Confluence.

Export single pages or entire hierarchies

Export single Confluence pages or entire page tree hierarchies from your Confluence spaces to PDF format at the click of a button – all with full control over the look and feel.

Define multiple styles globally or at space level

Either at an individual space level or globally throughout your Confluence system, you have the freedom and flexibility to define and deploy as many different templates as your business needs require.

More details

Scroll PDF Exporter lets you bring the collaborative benefits of Confluence to bear anytime you have a business need to create great PDF files.

Its power and flexibility go far beyond the standard Confluence PDF export function, employing an easy-to-use WYSIWYG template editor to define multiple templates to style your output text, export one or many pages to PDF, and optimize for printing if necessary.

Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence helps you create great technical documentation and business documents.

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Key benefits:

  • Style export text with the WYSIWYG visual template editor
  • View changes to output styles in real time in Confluence
  • Export single pages or entire page hierarchies
  • Three templates included to get you started
  • Special optimization functionality for printed documentation

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