Export schemes for user friendly exports

Export Schemes are similar to the Blueprints functionality in Confluence. Define multiple Export Schemes, by space or globally.

File naming control

Take advantage of multiple options to define the naming of the exported HTML files, and control the whitespace handling and output of special characters.

Advanced export settings

Have full control over content export settings. Define which pages should be exported and how their content should be processed.

More details

Scroll HTML Exporter enables the delivery of Confluence content from a web server. It converts your Confluence pages into static HTML pages that can be uploaded to a web server.

The output of Scroll HTML Exporter can also be used as an input to produce other HTML-based help formats such as WinHelp or HTML Help.

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Key benefits:

  • Search functionality
  • Collapsible page tree
  • Export single pages or entire hierarchies
  • Define your own placeholders
  • Define multiple space-specific or global templates

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