Send the complete content of pages and blogs

Deliver complete pages or blogs to users or via mail address. Deliver the content in a great scene by using your CI/CD to enhance branding and recognition impact.

Seamlessly integrated and easy to use

A new button "Send Page" is added to the top navigation of every Confluence page and blog post. It opens a short dialog allowing you to define users, groups or external email addresses.

Manage recipients with ease

Using this app provides you with the same experience as using your mail client. Define your recipient levels, define the sender information and add individual mail subject and notes if needed.

More details

The MailPage & Newsletter App adds a feature to all Confluence pages and Blogs, prompting a short dialogue to send the full content of the page via email.

It is also possible to send multiple pages or blogs as a collection via the "include page" macro of confluence. Collect your content with the macro in a page and send the collection to your recipients. This feature provides you with the ability to prepare manually Newsletter or Infoletter for specific periods and to send these our to your recipients like employees, customers or external partners.

The multiple content collection feature supports the "include page" and the "excerpt" confluence macros to mirror content.

You can select the recipients by users, user groups or external recipients. The enhanced configuration possibilities allows flexibility on:

  • Recipients for "to", "cc" and "bcc" fields
  • Email format
  • Maximum size of images
  • CI/CD to be integrated into mail frame


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