Create data entry forms & workflows in Confluence

Creating forms is easy - almost 50 custom field types to choose from

Forms with own design and layout

Validation rules & Dynamic fields

Workflows: create Jira issues & pages, send emails & much more

Multiple ways to show & report on your stored data

Many ways to show your stored data as:

- Table

- List

- Card

- Calendar

- Anything in-between (totally custom)

Data stored can be: sorted, filtered, aggregated and transformed as you need

Totally under your control

Enterprise ready - full control and automation

Full control over the stored data

REST APIs for integrations and automation

The ConfiForms app uses Confluence's page permissions to control form use. Users with 'edit' permission for a page have administrative rights for the form(s) defined on that page. By restricting 'edit' rights to the page, the administrator controls administrative rights to its form(s). See more on Confluence page permissions and ConfiForms

Each record stored with ConfiForms has an owner. This means that a user who owns the record can fully control it (if edit/delete is enabled by the administrator). Admin users of a form can configure ConfiForms records to be owned by themselves, and also by other users. A form's administrative users can control all records saved by the form.

A form can define additional users as form administrators or form superusers (even if they don't have edit permissions on the page). 

Each record in ConfiForms has the following associated metadata (aka metadata fields):

  • id - record internal id (UUID), unique for every saved record within dataset
  • ownedBy - the username(s) of the users who own the record (and can fully control it) - multi-value field! Multiple users can own a record!
  • ownedByName - the full name of the user who owns the record   Use ownedBy.transform(fullName).asList
  • createdBy - the username of the user who has created the record (admin users can create records for other users)
  • createdByName - the full name of the user who has created the record  Use createdBy.fullName
  • created - the timestamp when the record was created
  • dateCreatedFormatted - a more readable way to see created timestamp (Uses "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm" format, if you need "created" date in another format, use Virtual functions, created.formatDate(PATTERN) to get it in the format you want)
  • recordId - numeric ID of the record, unique within the form. If you want to reference the record always use "id" field instead

ownedBy and createdBy are now User objects and you can access all user object properties! See here: Accessing field values and properties

How to access ConfiForms metadata fields

All these metadata fields, in addition to the form's defined fields (definitions), can be referenced using the "ConfiForms Field macro" in these ConfiForms macros:

  • TableView macro
  • ListView macro
  • CardView macro
  • CalendarView macro
  • PlainView macro - when you need just values from ConfiForms and want to construct you tables/HTML widgets yourself (to be used in conjunction with HTML macro, for example; and using [entry.FIELD_NAME] notation to reference field values )
  • CleanView - similar to ListView, with less capabilities but with a lot cleaner HTML generated. Useful for designing own macros (with user macros) and mising it with HTML and other macros. Supports macros insides it's body
  • ValueView macro - is self contained and shows the field value directly (no need to use "ConfiForms Field macro")

Also there is a "IFMatches" macro which can be used inside CalendarView and ListView to enable showing/hiding blocks of content based on the ConfiForms field values

Take a look at this page which demonstrates how the data can be shown: Multiple ways to show your form data in Confluence with ConfiForms

More details

ConfiForms, plugin for Confluence is much more than just data forms!

Creating data entry forms for Confluence made easy and fast! Custom data forms for your business needs with ConfiForms in Confluence.

Forms for voting, feedback, inventory, surveys, bulletin boards, employee checklists, entry and exit forms...

  • Data is stored on your server. You have the data you own and fully control it.
  • Many ways to show your data: as tables, cards, wysiwyg with filters, ordering, sorting, aggregation.
  • Highly customisable to fit your needs and requirements with no programming skills needed.
  • 45+ field types
  • Full audit of changes when you need it.
  • Integrated with Confluence permissions model, fine grained access up to field level
  • Send emails, create Jira issues, notifications, pages & workflows based on the data entered
  • Fully integrated with Confluence chart macro
  • No browser plugins are required.
  • Top level customer support and care

See how easy it is to build data entry forms with ConfiForms app.

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