Connecting external services with ConfiDoc plugin

Your non-technical staff could create dynamic content and integrate 3rd party services (Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Google Drive, Gmail, other) into Confluence pages.

And techies add a swiss-knife type tool to their arsenal

Including arbitrary HTML inside your page

Afraid of content duplication?

ConfiDoc plugin could include excerpts of the content from other systems (sharepoint, Cacti, Nagios, Jira, youtrack, QuickBuild, Twitter and Facebook).

Easily present: CVS, XML, JSON, RSS

Configuration is easy and under control

Supports mobile and desktop Confluence modes.

As Confluence administrator you are in full control of what services could be used, how and by whom.

Integrated with Confluence security groups

Create stunning mashups with internal and external content in Confluence.

The ConfiDoc plugin supports data sources and services

  • JSON
  • RSS
  • XML
  • CSV
  • SQL

requiring various types of authentication:

  • Basic; 
  • Pass-through Basic; 
  • NTLM;
  • connections to Microsoft Cloud services (SharePoint).

The ConfiDoc Plugin provides excellent access control and enables you to choose how the data will be presented.

More details

Key features

  • Create stunning mashups from local and external sources
  • Easy dashboards creation using content includes
  • Include and reuse the content you have, from local (pages, attachments) and external sources
  • Showing content based on user permissions (show for)
  • Showing data from SQL, CSV, XML, JSON and RSS in your own, custom, way.
  • Showing HTML content inside Confluence from any source.
  • Using ConfiDoc local proxy to solve CORS requests
  • Showing charts, images or other binary data from external services and don't have a single sign-on? Hide your authentication details behind the ConfiDoc proxy and show the content you need without prompting your users for in-browser authentication

Access services with no auth, with Basic authentication, With pass-through basic authentication, NTLM and connections to Microsoft Cloud services (SharePoint) .

Content from sql, nagios, cacti, sharepoint, jira, quickbuild, youtrack and many more is easily and seamlessly includable in your Confluence pages.

ConfiDoc. Viewer for SQL, XML, JSON, CSV | Atlassian Marketplace